Parent FAQ & Support

Parent FAQs and Support

Below are the most commonly asked questions we get. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page.

Q: As a parent, how can I use LUMI Learning?

A: There are many ways you can use LUMI Learning as a parent! You can use LUMI Learning to reinforce the words your child is learning in school each week. Or use it over any summer break to avoid summer learning loss, where kids lose a percentage of what they have learned due to not being in school. Use LUMI Learning to expose your child to more advanced words that they are not yet learning in school, or just let your child find words in magazines, books, or advertisements, and watch a LUMI Learning video on the word.

Q: What is the difference between the Basic and Premium Parent Account?

A: With a Basic account you can create up to two WordLists, add up to four children, and view up to five LUMI Learning videos. With the Premium Parent account you get unlimited access to all of our videos and our WordList Library, and you’re able to create and assign as many WordLists as you want to your up to four children.

Q: If my child uses LUMI Learning in his or her school, should I still use it at home?

A: Absolutely! We encourage the usage of our product in households where kids are also using LUMI Learning at school. It will only further your child’s learning and give them an educational boost. Plus, it allows for you to work side-by-side with your child and support them on what they are learning in school. Then you can easily reinforce what LUMI Learning teaches throughout your evenings, weekends, or family excursions.

Q: What is LUMI Learning?

A: LUMI Learning is a website that allows children to learn the vocabulary words that will help them succeed academically. A diverse cast of child actors do the majority of the teaching in our sight word and academic term videos.

Q: Do I have to download anything to use LUMI Learning?

A: You access 100% of our content through, which is accessible on any device.

Q: Does LUMI Learning offer different languages?

A: We do not at the moment, but in the future LUMI Learning will offer Spanish content, and possibly word videos in other languages as well. Stay tuned!

Q: Do I have to sign a contract to use LUMI Learning?

A: No, you have the option to subscribe month to month, which is cancelable at any time, or you can pay for a full year up front and receive a discount.

*Schools and school districts sign yearly agreements.

Q: Does LUMI Learning offer material for grades higher than 5th grade?

A: Not yet! LUMI Learning will eventually have educational content for the intermediary and secondary grades, but we are focusing on Kinder-5th grade right now.

Q: Does LUMI Learning offer other content besides vocabulary lessons?

A: Not yet, but very soon LUMI Learning will offer focused lessons on phonics, other literacy skills, and lessons teaching parents how to establish a rich home-literacy environment.

Q: How do I get in contact with LUMI Learning?

A: It’s easy! Visit our Contact Us page.

Q: Can my child be in a LUMI Learning video?

A: We LOVE our community and are always looking for families to get involved. If your child is interested in starring in a LUMI Learning video, find out more information here: Become an Actor

Getting Started with a Premium Parent Account

With the Premium Parent Account, you get full access to all that LUMI Learning has to offer parents. When you log in, you land on MY LUMI. Here, you will see the WordLists you have created or have added from the WordList Library. But if you are just starting out, this will be blank. That can feel overwhelming, but you can quickly go to the WordList Library the GET WordLists button. You can also Create WordLists in MY LUMI, see what those you are following are up to, and you can see who is following you and click on their profile. Everyone starts with Ms. Lumi as their first follower and as her followee. You can edit this, of course.

Hover over the Resources tab to access the WordList Library, where you can find ready-to-use WordLists. Click on All LUMI Words to see, in alphabetical order, all of the words we have in our bank of words and phrases. Click Printable Resources to access resources that are ready to be printed and photocopied. Lastly, you can browse through our FAQs and Tutorials to find answers to any questions you may have.

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Using the WordList Library

Browse through the WordList Library to view WordLists that other LUMI Learning users have created and shared with the community. Click the word GET to add the WordList to your MY LUMI page, where you can further edit it to meet the needs of your child.

Creating a WordList

To create a WordList simply log onto and you’ll end up on MY LUMI. From MY LUMI, just click the Create WordList button and you’ll be able to create a unique title for your WordList and add words to it. Be sure to separate your words with commas. If you want the words to, about, and how in your WordList, just type in to, about, and how.

If you type in the word “and,” “and” will show up in your WordList. Decide whether you want to share your WordList with the LUMI Learning community, and click Submit. You’ll then get the words for which LUMI Learning has a video added to your WordList. Any words that LUMI Learning does not have a video for will appear under the Saved Words section of the WordList’s page. When you search for a word and we don’t have it, LUMI Learning gets a notification about your search. We then get to work on creating the videos most frequently requested by parents and teachers.

Following & Unfollowing Others

To find new people to follow, just browse the WordList Library. Click on WordLists you want to add to MY LUMI, and consider following the person who created the WordList. You can get people to follow you by creating and sharing WordLists that teachers and other parents find helpful. To unfollow someone, simply navigate to their profile and click Unfollow.

Editing Your Profile and Settings

Hover over your username and you’ll have the option to go to My Profile, Settings, and Feedback. At My Profile, click Edit Profile to edit your photo and bio. Click Settings to see and edit your contact information, and to confirm which type of account you’re currently subscribed. Click Feedback to give us feedback on our product, or a specific video, or anything else!