About Us

About LUMI Learning

“Teachers who are making the biggest improvements in their students’ reading levels are meeting with five small groups each day,” a reading specialist told LUMI Learning’s founder, Crystal Castillo, who was teaching 1st grade students. Crystal thought, “Well, if there were three of me, I could teach five small groups each day.”

That night, Crystal got a whiteboard, a marker, and a fuzzy purple blanket, and she started to make sight word videos that aimed to thoroughly teach sight words and build students’ background knowledge. She began to have time for five small reading groups each day, and her students’ spelling and reading performance began to soar.

Lumi Learning - About Us

A snapshot of one of Crystal’s first videos on the fuzzy purple blanket.

Lumi Learning - About Us

Crystal knew that she was onto something truly transformative. The idea of simplifying small group learning
and differentiation through video became LUMI Learning, LLC. Now, the LUMI Learning team is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals who enjoy working with kids for the benefit of young learners, teachers, parents, and schools.