for ESL and ELL students.
Teaching Kids is Powerful

Experience the power of kids teaching kids.

This helps your ELL and ESL students relate to what they see and understand the content more effectively.

  • Our videos focus on:
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Meaning
  • Usage
  • Retention
  • Word Families
  • Phonics
By a Teacher, for Teachers

Founded by a teacher, with teachers’ and schools’ needs in mind.

Our program was built to simplify differentiation for ESL and ELL students’ sight word learning.

  • Our web application is:
  • Your ultimate time saver
  • Easy to use
  • A complete vocabulary teaching tool
  • Built for differentiation
  • Catered to all users
  • A center management system
  • Ever changing to meet your needs

How does Lumi Learning Work? What’s the big idea?

See how easy it is to get started with our website, and learn the big idea behind our product.

Getting Started with LUMI Learning in Five Easy Steps

LUMI Learning - Sing

The BIG IDEA Behind LUMI Learning

LUMI Learning - Sing


Here, see a few sight word videos that show the style of video your children will watch when you sign up with LUMI Learning!

LUMI Learning - Sing

LUMI Learning - Night

LUMI Learning - Sleep

LUMI Learning - Hot

LUMI Learning - Idea

LUMI Learning - Never

Current Sight Word Videos

We currently have 447 sight word videos on LUMI Learning that you can assign to your students or children once you become a Premium subscriber!

LUMI Learning - 447 Sight Word Videos

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How we help teachers & parents

Great format! I love that your videos are under 5 minutes, yet they’re thorough. I also love that when you spell a word, you write it with accurate penmanship, starting from the top of the letter to the bottom, which is an excellent model for my students!

Katherine Wilson Education Specialist and Technology Leader OUSD

I love that, with LUMI Learning, my students continue to develop vocabulary without my direct instruction.

Oneyda Rivera Campus Teacher of the Year AISD

My boys love learning their sight words with LUMI Learning and imitating the actors/teachers from the videos. They’ll walk around the house pretending to star in the videos, themselves, and teach words. It’s great to see them improve in their reading, spelling, and writing and to see them far more curious about words, in general.

Laura Vasquez Parent San Antonio, TX

Start your ESL and ELL kids on the right path to success today! Differentiation at its finest is only a click away.